Meet Us

Interested in applying? We’re happy to welcome you to campus! Every year, we go on the lookout for the best applicants who have an interest in a two-year engineering/MBA dual degree. MIT’s cutting-edge research and LGO’s partner company network offer LGO students a world-class education with unparalleled career results.

Please see our Admissions Events page for where we’ll be hosting events or booth tables off campus. If you’re visiting the Boston area, we’re always happy to speak with potential students, and there are several ways for you to organize your visit.

  • For pre-assessed candidates, the LGO admissions team works with the New Student Recruiting Committee to welcome potential students on campus for half-day LGO experiences. Depending on the day’s schedule and course availability, students sit in on an MIT class with an LGO student, have lunch with LGOs, get a personal application  meeting with admissions staff, and generally receive lots of information about the program in a one-on-one setting.

    If you are planning to visit, register here to pick the best date for you and give us a bit more information about yourself. We are constantly working on new dates, and will post our availability in the coming months as soon as they become fixed.

    LGO Ambassadors Visits >

  • Every fall, the LGO New Student Recruitment committee organizes a one-day event to highlight the LGO Program and provide as much information as possible to future applicants. A large number of new students are “LGO Preview Day Alums”

    This year’s LGO Preview Day is in October. You can register, and we will update this page on the schedule as it becomes confirmed. In the past, the full day’s schedule has included:

    • Student panels on career services, the LGO curriculum, student life and family
    • LGO admissions sessions
    • Engineering department tours, including MIT labs
    • Guest lectures from MIT faculty
    • Small group dinners with current LGO students

    This year’s Preview Day has passed. We’re planning events next year. Please check back soon for next year’s dates.

  • If you can’t make it to Cambridge, we’re still happy to hear from you! You’re welcome to email us with questions. We can also schedule a phone or Skype conversation for those thinking about applying to LGO.

    If you’d like to be paired with a current LGO student to get personal feedback about the program experience, please let us know and we’ll connect you with a student representative.

    In order to best fit your interests, please include your resume, LinkedIn profile, or a short description of your background in your email. It will help us assess how best to connect you with our team.

    Email LGO >

  • We visit a number of cities every year to discuss the LGO program with the next generation of students. In addition to our LGO Admissions Events, the MIT Sloan School travels throughout the world, and the LGO program works closely with the MBA admissions team who can answer many LGO admissions questions. An LGO alumnus is present at MIT Sloan on the Road events whenever possible.

    All MIT Sloan MBA Admissions Events >